We want to make Scotland an autism friendly nation. As well as campaigning to champion the rights and interests of autistic people and their families, we are building relationships with Scottish Parliament to ensure that national policy and legislation is effective and fair. 

Everything that we campaign on is informed by the views and experiences of autistic people and their families. You can read about how we identify campaigning priorities here. 

Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved

In autumn 2018 we worked in partnership with Children in Scotland and Scottish Autism to publish a report on the experiences of autistic children missing school. The report is titled Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved

More than a third (34%) of parents who responded to the survey we conducted as part of this report said that their children had been unlawfully excluded in the last two years – with almost a quarter (22%) saying this happened multiple times a week.
An ‘unlawful’ exclusion is when a school sends a child home without using the formal exclusion process, meaning monitoring and support systems are bypassed. Scottish Government guidance is clear on its position that unlawful exclusions should not happen – yet our research shows that they are happening to autistic children across Scotland.

You can read our findings and recommendations to Scottish Government here.   

We are committed to campaigning with Children in Scotland and Scottish Autism to ensure that these recommendations are met. This is a live campaign so please follow our Facebook page to find out more!

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Influencing and working with Scottish Parliament

We play an active role in increasing understanding of autism with Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and civil servants. This includes sitting on the governance group for the Scottish Strategy for Autism, giving evidence to support the political process, and holding events to give MSPs the opportunity to meet and hear from the people we support. 

Autism Friendly Award

In 2015 Scottish Parliament become the first building in Scotland to receive our Autism Friendly Award (then known as the Autism Access Award).

We worked with the team at Scottish Parliament to help them make some minor adjustments to make the space more accessible – such as providing specific information for autistic visitors on the website, training staff in autism awareness, and providing a quiet room for people who need some space during their visit.