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We campaign to champion the rights and interests of autistic people and their families, making sure national policy and legislation reflect their needs. You can find out more about our campaigns, and how you can get involved, in the section below.

Campaign with us

Everything you need to know

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About our campaign work

Find out how we decide what to campaign about and what we're campaigning about now.
Autism Hour is back! 6-13 Oct

Autism Hour

Get involved and help your local businesses and shops take small steps to an autism-friendly world.

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Too Much Information

Find out about our Too Much Information campaign.

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Learn about our campaigns in England. Register for updates and find out how you can get involved.

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Find out about our campaigning work in Scotland and our work with the Scottish Government.

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Learn about our campaigns in Wales and read stories from some of our campaigners.
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Northern Ireland

Learn about our campaigns in Northern Ireland and find out how you can get involved.

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Our successes

Our campaigning has achieved an incredible amount for people on the autism spectrum.

Autism activists with Penny Mordaunt MP and Cheryl Gillian MP


The APPGA is a cross party group of MPs and Lords who work to push autism up the agenda in Parliament.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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