School opening in September 2017

We're opening the Anderson School on Luxborough Lane in Chigwell, Essex, in September 2017. It will be an autism-specific school focusing on young people’s futures and putting skills for life and employment at the heart of the curriculum. 

The school will take on autistic students aged 11-19 and will be part of our Enterprise Campus. Situated on a 13 acre site, the campus will include the Anderson School, a Diagnostic Centre and an Enterprise Hub. The campus facilities will also include our pathological demand avoidance (PDA) Centre, sixth form centre, workshop and training facilities and indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Our ambition is to transform the lives of autistic young people. We want all students leave the school ready for further education, employment or training.

The National Autistic Society has run autism-specific schools for over 50 years and is continuously innovating in its education services. It now has a thriving employment offer, and last year helped 1,000 employers to understand autism better. This is why, together with our long-term supporter The Anderson Foundation, we’re excited to combine education and employment expertise.

Our vision is that students will:

  • develop skills for life and wellbeing and independence beyond the school environment
  • develop a belief in the importance of what they can contribute to society
  • recognise and develop personal strengths, interests and skills
  • become empowered to make informed life choices through a structured approach to person-centred planning
  • access a range of programmes from a core and extended national curriculum, vocational options, work skills/placements, enrichment, sport and leisure and life skills programmes
  • become self-aware and self-regulate their personal barriers to learning
  • develop and maintain positive relationships. 

Building emotional resilience through our social understanding curriculum, completing A Levels or engaging in social enterprise projects or work placements are all achievements our students will accomplish. 

If you or someone you know would like to make an enquiry about the school, or to join our mailing list to receive further updates, please get in touch using our online form.