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Reduce anxiety and increase independence anywhere with Brain in Hand mobile software and The National Autistic Society facilitator service.

Simple yet advanced software, Brain in Hand is designed to give people access to the best support when they need it, giving increased confidence to do more things independently, be it attending university, employment or training. This is accompanied by professional facilitator support provided by The National Autistic Society.

Reduce anxieties

An app on your phone gives you access to a diary and solutions for difficult to remember tasks. There's also instant access to your own personal pre-planned coping strategies to tackle problems.

Feel supported

The facilitator team at The National Autistic Society keeps track of the anxiety level traffic light system on the Brain in Hand software and if you ‘press red’ they will respond to you in your preferred communication style.

Improved understanding

All of your activity on Brain in Hand is saved to a secure website. This helps you to better reflect on your day or month and help you set new goals.

Results amongst those using the system have been dramatic. Of people using Brain in Hand, 94% report that it is having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say it provides them with help when they need it. This helps people to be more confident and do more things independently, opening up new horizons in daily life, education and work.

Product and service features 


Brain in Hand software is hosted in the cloud and so can be accessed from anywhere. You receive your own secure account on the Brain in Hand website where you can build your own profile of events, potential problems and solutions, which can then be accessed from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Features include:

  • a diary to structure time and solutions for difficult to remember tasks
  • instant access to pre-planned coping strategies
  • a traffic light system to monitor and track anxiety levels
  • the ability to easily request personal support if things don’t go to plan
  • a secure website to review usage and identify new issues.


Ongoing mentor support

If pre-planned strategies aren’t working and you need more support, ongoing help is provided by the specialist National Autistic Society facilitator team.

Support includes:

  • unlimited number of requests for help can be made to the team
  • response is given by a text or phone call, whichever format is preferred by you
  • services operate Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm, excluding public holidays.

Set-up support

People benefit most from using Brain in Hand once they have been supported to set themselves up with an experienced Brain in Hand practitioner.

Set-up includes:

  • trained Brain in Hand team members work with you to set-up the system
  • workbook session is provided to help you enter your initial diary and coping strategies
  • invitation to a follow-up session to review your progress and spot improvements 
  • sessions are either provided face to face or over Skype; they can be in a group or one to one.

Technical requirements

To use Brain in Hand, you will need a smart phone or tablet.  We support Android and iPhone devices.


Standard Brain in Hand service period is 12 months.  Paid annually, a typical monthly cost is £99 plus set-up costs, which vary depending on your set-up preferences.

Get in touch

To find out more please email, or call 01392 247 909.

How is it paid for?

Read more about funding options for Brain in Hand.

Case study


Dagmawit Mekuria, 22, from London, has just completed her first year of a Foundation Degree in Inclusive Performance at Chickenshed Theatre Company, in partnership with Middlesex University and is one of the students using Brain in Hand. Dagmawit shares her experience:

“There are many aspects of University life I find challenging.  For example I find changes to rehearsal plans without warning hard to deal with, expressing my ideas in workshops is tough and many aspects of social can leave me feeling extremely anxious.

“Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence.  For example I have an issue with eye contact when I talk with friends. To solve this, I plan in advance what I can say to a person, which is something I put into my Brain in Hand.

“It has also helped me to clarify and record which situations make me the most anxious.  I most like the traffic light system, knowing that a facilitator is able to always see how I am feeling, be aware of what problems I am facing and how my solutions have made me feel on that day.”

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