Thursday 12 October 2017, Reading

Do you work with children or adults with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)? Would you like to learn more about diagnosis, as well as strategies to help support them at home and in the classroom? 

Join us to discover the tools and strategies you need to identify and provide targeted support for children and adults who have PDA.

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Why attend this conference?

  • Hear the UK’s top experts provide insights into diagnosis and post-diagnostic support.
  • Discover more about PDA is and the implications if a child is diagnosed with the disorder.
  • Get insights into how to improve the support you give and how you approach difficult situations.
  • Be empowered by learning practical tools and strategies for interacting with children with PDA at school and at home.
  • Gain inspiration from powerful first-hand accounts of parents and individuals with PDA.
  • Network with other professionals, parents and experts in the field.

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Information on PDA is extremely limited and there are very few forums for learning about the disorder. This conference is a rare opportunity to hear experts in the field discussing the latest strategies and best practice.