Once we started to look at the Award criteria it helped us to identify that there were areas we excelled in but also some that we could focus our attention on for improvement. We gained a stronger working ethos and a sense of enthusiasm and passion for what we could do in the future.

Emily Noakes, Nottingham Theatre Royal Concert Hall

Over fifty years’ experience of working with and listening to autistic people has informed the criteria that every business needs to satisfy to be autism friendly:

1. Customer information

Ensuring that autistic people are able to access appropriate and timely information to help support their visit.

2. Staff awareness

Developing an appropriate understanding of autism to support autistic customers and their families.

3. Physical environment

Making appropriate and reasonable adjustments within the limits of any given venue.

4. Customer experience, feedback and consultation

Showing a willingness to be flexible to individual requests, and promoting a clear way for autistic people to provide feedback on their experience.

5. Promoting understanding

Committing to help promote better public understanding of autism

The application process for the Autism Friendly Award is simple. Using the online application, tell us how your venue satisfies the five award criteria. Our Autism Friendly Award guidelines will give you more information on the criteria and ideas as to how your business could be more autism-friendly.

Remember: the best way to find out how your venue could be more autism-friendly is to consult with visitors who are on the autism spectrum.

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