Our research has told us that:

  • 79% of autistic people and 70% of families said they felt socially isolated
  • 50% of autistic people and families sometimes don’t go out because of concern about people’s reaction to their autism.

Each venue that achieves the Autism Friendly Award will be helping to make the UK a more autism-friendly place by opening their doors to autistic people and their families whose lives are affected daily by businesses that do not understand their needs.

We will support all those venues that achieve the Autism Friendly Award:

  • providing our Autism Friendly Award logo for use on documentation and websites
  • issuing certificates and window-stickers to promote autism-friendly status
  • announcing new Autism Friendly Award holders to our supporters on social media
  • promoting holders on the National Autistic Society website:
    • listing in our Autism Friendly Award directory
    • feature on our Too Much Information map
  • highlighting each achievement to local families through our extensive network of services and volunteer branches.

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