Why can't I see this page?

  1. The area you're trying to access is a secure area for which we need to grant you access (only used for matters of governance). This should show up at the bottom left of the page underneath this numbered list. 
  2. If you're trying to access a page in Your Autism Extra, such as competition terms and conditions, you will need to log in first so we know you're a member, then re-load the page.
  3. The URL (web address, the bit starting http://) you typed in had an error in it somewhere.
  4. Someone's given you the wrong URL or quoted it wrongly on their site.

What should I do next?

In the case of number one above, please make sure you are registered with the website, then email webmanager@nas.org.uk, quoting the web address of the area you are trying to access, stating your relationship with The National Autsistic society and why you require access.

In the case of number two, log in and reload the page.

Log in now​

In any other case, please use the site navigation or the search box to locate what you are looking for. If you do not succeed, please contact the Autism Helpline.