Whether you're taking part in your community, at work or at school, we have a free fundraising pack for you that's full of ideas about how you can get involved in World Autism Awareness Week.

Schools fundraising pack

Community fundraising pack

Work fundraising pack

More free resources to help with your fundraising


Print and give this out to promote your event.

A5 WAAW flyer

Download flyer


Print this off the first page, fill it in with the information about your event, and stick it up where people can see it! Use the second page to celebrate the event afterwards.

Fill in your own event poster for WAAW

Download poster 

A3 editable poster

WAAW A3 empty belly poster

Download editable poster

Press releases

Download these press releases and use them to help promote your event! 

School press release 

Individual fundraising press release 

Work press release  

Party drinks recipe sheet

WAAW party drinks thumbnail

Download recipe sheet

"I'm fundraising because..." sign

Print this off and use the space to tell people why you're getting involved in World Autism Awareness Week.

I'm fundraising because... frame for selfies 

Download sign

Sponsorship form

Use this to get people to sponsor you for doing a fundraising activity, like a sponsored silence.

WAAW sponsorship form 

Download sponsorship form  

Cake flags for your bake sale

Cut these out and stick them around cocktail sticks to make cute decorations for your baked goods.

.Cake flags for WAAW

Download cake flags

Autism quiz round

Add this round to your fundraising quiz to help your friends or colleagues learn a bit more about autism.

Autism quiz round 

Download quiz

Choose-your-own sweepstake sheet

Pick a theme and get your friends, family or colleagues involved in a sweepstake. Split the prize money between the winner and our charity.

Sweepstake form - pick your own theme 

Download sweepstake sheet

'Special interest' sweepstake sheet

Many autistic people have highly-focused interests. This is a fun and informative way of raising money and having a bit of fun at the same time.

Sweepstake form - pick a special interest 

Download special interest sweepstake sheet

'Guess how many sweets in the jar' poster

Put this up next to your sweet jar and start taking guesses and donations! It's A3, so make sure your printer has A3 paper installed.

Guess how many sweets in the jar 

Download sweets poster

'Guess the bear's name' poster

Use this poster to do a fun sweepstake with a teddy. The winner gets to take the bear home, and money raised goes to our charity. The poster is A3, so make sure your printer has A3 paper installed.

Guess the bear's name poster

Download bear poster

Origami heart instructions

To help you make a fun 'thank you' for the people who help you with your fundraising, download this instruction sheet for how to make an origami heart. It's A3, so make sure your printer has the right paper loaded.

Origami heart resource 

Download origami instructions

Paying-in form 

Don't forget to download a paying-in form too so you can send in the money you raise.

Photo of the 'How to pay in your money' document

If you want to order more to help you fundraise, such as collection buckets, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0207 903 3570. Hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm on Friday, excluding bank holidays. You can also email supporter.care@nas.org.uk

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