This year, over 6,000 people signed up to take part in World Autism Awareness Week 2017 from the 27th March to the 2nd of April to help autistic people and their families across the UK.

We asked you to raise money and awareness so as many people as possible could learn about the challenges, features and reality of autism - and so many of you took on that challenge. We quizzed, baked, walked, collected, and took part in so many exciting activities to help more people to understand. The week massively helped in increasing understanding of autism and raising vital funds, so thank you so much to everyone who got involved.

Our running total stands at over £290,000 – and counting! This is a huge achievement by all who took part in the week and will go towards funding ground breaking work, such as our Too Much Information campaign, which is helping the public to understand autism, the person and what to do.

During World Autism Awareness Week, we had a family party at our house with a WAAW theme! I baked a cake with the NAS logo on, made Autism Awareness buns, had a dress code of pink or purple for the NAS colours and I made my boys their autism awareness t-shirts. We had a good old fashioned knees up and people kindly donated money to a great cause! I'm looking forward to fundraising again in the future!

Laura, devoted mother 

Laura with her child. 

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