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Employment stories

You shared your stories of working life as someone on the autism spectrum.

Explore other people's stories to find out about the difficulties, and how adjustments have made real differences.


Experiences of autism in the workplace

Emily Swaitek

Emily's story

"I like defying their expectations of someone on the spectrum."

Arthur and Ryan

Ryan's story

"These may seem like small allowances to make, but they make my workplace an extremely pleasant place to work."

Aaron Linton Smith

Arran's story

"While I'm now in a good position and feel respected... I know that many autistic people aren't so lucky."

Erin Ekins

Erin's story

"Every single one of us deserves to have the opportunity to be the best we can be."


Dinesh's story

"I am very lucky to have a supportive employer who understands my needs."

James Spalding

James' story

"I've found that issues can be resolved if your manager understands autism."


Max's story

"I left school without any GCSEs and felt worthless, like people would think I have nothing to offer."


Felix's story

"I believe employers want a diverse range of people."

Gregory Taylor

Gregory's story

"I've been up front about my issues to my work at all times."

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