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Autistic people have told us their employers don’t see their abilities. They see their autism. They see a problem. Meanwhile, employers have told us that they are worried about getting things wrong for autistic employees and that they don’t know where to go for advice. Here you can find advice and guidance specific to autistic jobseekers and employees, as well as employers and colleagues working with autistic people, on how to make the workplace work better for everyone.

I'm autistic and looking for work

If you're looking for work, find out about services and tools which can support you in getting a job. 

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I'm autistic and in work

Get information and advice on interacting and coping at work, dealing with bullies, understanding your rights and more. You can also find out about training courses which may be helpful.

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I'm an employer

Are you an employer looking to find out more about autism in the workplace? Or do you work with autistic colleagues? Read advice on recruiting, training and retaining autistic staff, training and workplace assessments, getting regular, free advice about autism and how to distinguish yourself as an autism-friendly employer.

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I work with autistic colleagues

Find out more about autism, the person and what to do by reading our top tips. You can read more about what autism is and how it affects people differently on our general advice pages.

If you're managing someone who is on the autism spectrum, find out about the specific problems your colleague might be facing, and how you can avoid or overcome difficulties, and build enjoyable and effective working relationships. 

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Expert blog on employment

Our employment training team share their advice and anecdotes from working with employers to improve autism understanding.

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