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Too Much Information

I'm autistic and sometimes I get too much information. It's like everything's building up inside my head. Like my brain is crowded with questions – and about to explode.

I try my hardest to filter it all. But there's too much, and saying anything is too hard.

Understand autism, the person, and the change you can make. #AutismTMI

Everything you need to know

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Watch the film

Our new film shows what it's like when there's too much information. 

Take action

How will you make a change to reduce the overload for autistic people? Get involved and find out.

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Top tips

Autistic people can get overloaded by everything around them.


Take the test

How many questions can you answer? Put your brain to the test and feel what it’s like to get too much information.

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Autism Hour

Get involved and help your local businesses and shops take small steps to an autism-friendly world.

TMI supporters

TMI shop

Purchase TMI t-shirts, badges and tote bags and order postcards and posters to show your support for the campaign.
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The campaign so far

We look back at the first year of our campaign to improve autism understanding. 


Real stories

Read real life stories which explore how it feels to experience sensory overload.
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Our employment campaign

Find out more about our ongoing Too Much Information in the workplace campaign.

Autism Friendly Award

Autism Friendly Award

Do you know a local business that deserves recognition, or needs to be more understanding?
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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