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Employers don’t see my ability. They see my autism. They see a problem. That makes them quick to judge me, to dismiss me. Simply because they don’t understand me.

But by working with colleagues, employers and the Government, we can make sure more autistic people get the jobs we deserve.

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Everything you need to know

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Could you stand more than a minute in a shopping centre? For an autistic child, it could be terrifying.
Max in his interview

Top tips

Read our top tips for a more autism-friendly workplace.

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Purchase TMI t-shirts, badges and tote bags and order postcards and posters to show your support for the campaign.
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What is autism?

Find out more about autism from Alexander's point of view and understand how autism affects him.
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Watch our film

Watch our film and see what job interviews can be like for an autistic person. 

Autism Uncut

Autism Uncut

Our new competition features new short films about autism from aspiring, student and professional filmmakers. 

Autism Friendly Award

Autism Friendly Award

Do you know a local business that deserves recognition, or needs to be more understanding?
Alex Marshall

Virtual reality film

Take a step into Alexander's world with our 360-degree virtual reality film.
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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