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Greater Manchester Mayoral hustings
2017-04-07-Exhibition depicts what autistic photographers want you to know about autism
2017-04-06-All Party Parliamentary Group on autism launch education inquiry
2017-03-31-Welsh council candidates are invited to find out about autism
2017-03-31-Step forward for the Act Now campaign
2017-03-27-Welsh Government extends support for autism service
2017-03-27-Virtual reality technology shows North East residents the world through the eyes of an autistic child
2017-03-24-Autism campaigner wins national award
2017-03-16-New PIP Regulations to start today
2017-03-15-Helen Allison School hosts autism awareness event with local businesses
2017-03-08 Winners of the Autism Professionals Awards are announced
2017-03-07-Budget 2017: What will our charity look for?
2017-03-06-Having our say on Additional Support Needs in school education in Scotland
2017-03-01 Dispatches tonight: Care in mental health hospitals
2017-02-27-Government must halt proposed changes to PIP
2017-02-27-Our new mental health campaign – Always
2017-02-24 Llanelli Scarlets host an autism awareness event
2017-02-22-Glasgow Film Theatre wins our Autism Friendly Award
2017-02-22-30,000 call on the Government to close autism employment gap
2017-02-20-Inverurie on track to become the UK’s first autism-friendly train station
2017-02-15-Media speculation about US President's views on autism
2017-02-15-Autism-friendly goal for Aberdeen Football Club
2017-02-08 New consultation on autism in GP records
2017-02-07-Government responds to SEND reform concerns in England
2017-02-06-Could you be the star of our next campaign film?
2017-02-06-Innovative new autism sensory experience launched in the UK
2017-02-03-MPs report on the disability employment gap
2017-02-01-Autism-friendly swimming makes a splash in Renfrewshire
2017-01-30-Campaigners call for Bristol to become autism friendly
2017-01-25-Last Cross-Party Autism Group of 2016 a great success
2017-01-25 The Autism Show is back
2017-01-20-Autistic teenager from Ardrossan shortlisted for Inspirational Volunteer Award
2017-01-16-New report calls for improved autism support
2017-01-30-Could you be our charity's new Trustee?
2017-01-09-Government plans to improve mental health support
2017-01-09-Tell the Care Quality Commission about your experiences
2017-01-01-Our volunteer is awarded British Empire Medal
2016-11-30-Welsh Government updates its plan for autism services
2016-12-21-Welsh Government to change the way autistic pupils are supported in education
2016-12-14-The impact of school exclusions on young autistic people
2016-12-14-Autistic comedians make their debut at Scottish Parliament
2016-12-13-New report into uninvestigated deaths published
2016-12-08-New guidelines to make air travel more accessible for passengers with hidden disabilities
2016-12-07-PDA awareness petition to Scottish Parliament
2016-12-07-Our branches in Wales: Blaenau Gwent
2016-12-01 Anderson School becomes Aurora Hedgway School
2016-11-30-Our charity wins three mentoring awards in Scotland
2016-11-30-Maisie's story features on Channel 4 tonight
2016-11-23-Our response to the Autumn Statement
2016-11-22-Mhairi Black MP helps our fundraising event bounce into action
2016-11-16 - Lauri Love USA extradition case update
2016-11-16 - Funding for our young people's employment service
2016-11-15 - The Herald newspaper donates calendar profits to our charity
2016-11-09 - Launch of third NAS Cullum Centre
2016-11-08 - Mold North Wales information day
2016-11-04 - Autism-friendly performance of The Lion King
2016-11-01 - Government launches disability employment consultation
2016-10-27 - Government must tackle the autism employment gap
2016-10-26 - New study shows benefits of autism trained parents
2016-10-19 - Project to support autistic prisoners wins award
2016-10-14 - Next steps for an Autism Act for Wales
2016-10-11 - Sybil Elgar students achieve awards
2016-10-10 - World Mental Health Day blog
2016.10.04 - Take our autism survey
2016.09.29 - What do today’s autism prevalence figures mean?
2016.09.26 - Our Education Rights service celebrates its 10th anniversary
2016.09.21 - Call for improvements in mental health services
2016.09.20 - Braehead Virtual Reality experience
2016.09.19 - XI Autism-Europe conference opened by Mark McDonald
2016.09.16 - Our response to NHS Transforming Care funding plans
2016.09.14 - Building on Axcis partnership success
2016.09.13 - Is NHS Transforming Care helping autistic people?
2016.09.05 - The National Autistic Society Cymru puts theory into practice
2016.09.02 - School Report 2016
2016.08.23 - Autism-friendly swimming sessions make a splash in Dundee
2016.08.17 - A big ‘diolch’
2016.08.15 – NASplus: our new service in West Lothian
2016.08.11 - Complete the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) survey
2016.08.10 - Kevin Healey steps down as National Autistic Society trustee
2016.08.08 - Mendip House update
2016.07.25 - GPs receive new autism resources
2016.07.24 - Autism and mental health
2016.07.22 - Pokemon Go receives praise from autistic people
2016.07.21 - Marks & Spencer launching autism-friendly school wear
2016.07.19 - Our students showcase garden produce and crafts at St Albans Market
2016.07.19 - Branches pack out National Assembly to highlight concerns
2016.07.15 - What does the vote to leave the European Union mean for autistic people?
2016.07.14 - Warning on autism service/support dogs
2016.07.13 - Adult social care directors’ concerns over funding
2016.07.13 - Autism Education Trust reaches a milestone
2016.07.12 - Every new teacher to learn about autism
2016-11-07 - New bill would improve equality for autistic children at school
2016.07.11 - Our Pembrokeshire Branch hosts a roundtable discussion
2016.07.08 - Glasgow cinema screenings for Too Much Information campaign launch film
2016.07.06 - New Scottish guidelines on assessment, diagnosis and interventions for autism
2016.07.04 - New autism recommendations to the NHS
2016.06.27 - Blue badge pilot in Scotland
2016.06.23 - Aberdeen set to become Scotland’s first ‘autism-friendly’ city
2016.06.20 - Anderson School to change management
2016.06.09 - Local campaign success: new mental health service for Hull
2016.06.09 - New playground at Church Lawton
2016.06.08 - Updated notice on so-called cures
2016.06.08 - St. Mark's House open day
2016.06.02 - Ofsted success for Thames Valley School
2016.06.02 - Tell us your SEN experiences
2016.06.01 - Broken Promises report published
2016-03-14-Named person statement
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