Held Back, making sure no child is held back in their education because they're autistic.

In November 2017, The National Autistic Society and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism published a report on autism and education. It found that autistic children and young people in England are being let down and held back from achieving their potential by the education system.

That’s why, together with Ambitious About Autism, we have launched our Held Back campaign. We want the Government to make sure no children are held back from meeting their potential because they’re autistic.

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More than four in ten families are being initially turned away when asking for the extra help they need

Schools and local councils don't understand how to help autistic children learn. They aren't providing things like help to make friends and work with classmates, teaching assistants, or a classroom free from bright lights and overwhelming noise.

Parents have to fight to get the support their child is entitled to.

I don’t want to fight, but I feel like I have to.

A parent of a child on the autism spectrum

The school shattered my confidence – they had no understanding… they were unable to provide 'reasonable adjustments'.

A young person on the autism spectrum

Autistic pupils are probably the SEN group I need the most guidance with, and have received the least guidance on.

A teacher of a child on the autism spectrum

We are stuck in a system that wants the child to fail before help is offered.

A parent of a child on the autism spectrum

The education system is not working for parents, children and young people on the autism spectrum, or teachers trying to provide the right support. Change is needed.

We are calling on the Government to develop a national autism and education strategy so no children are held back from meeting their potential because they're autistic. You can support the campaign by signing our open letter to Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Education.

Sign our open letter

With every person who signs our open letter, we can put more pressure on the Government to change this unfit system.

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