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Socialising and communicating can be challenging for many autistic people. Many really do want to make friends and form relationships but find it hard.

There may be difficulty reading social cues and knowing when to speak or listen, and facial expressions can be impossible to read resulting in social isolation.

Man and woman talking on bench

Everything you need to know

Adult and befriender talking on a bench


How to communicate with autistic people, support communication development, and find available support systems.

Mum and son


Autistic children may face communication and social interaction challenges. Find resources and get ideas for how to help.

Two men talking outside

Social interaction for adults and teens

Information for autistic adolescents and adults about making friends and socialising.
Young man outdoors

Social isolation

Help for autistic people experiencing social isolation and how family, friends and carers can help.

Two women using a computer

Sex education

How to talk about puberty, sex, sexuality and relationships, with links to useful resources.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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