Find out about what benefits may be available to you if you are an autistic adult, young person, or what may be available for your child if you are a parent or carer. You'll find information on what to do about problems with benefits, how to get answers to benefits queries and how to know about your entitlements.

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There are various benefits which you may be entitled to. Find out more about:

You can also find out about carers allowance, benefits appeals and where to find local benefit advice.

Local benefit advice

A range of organisations provide local advice services which can help with benefit issues. The level of specialism varies, from general advice services which can help with form filling and understanding letters about benefits though to specialist advice services who can help with complex issues such as representing at appeal tribunals.

Advice services are under a lot of pressure due to lack of funding, so you may have to try contacting several different organisations before you find one that can help and may have to wait for an appointment.

If you currently get any services or other support, ask if they know of any benefits advice services that you may be able to access. For example some housing associations provide benefits advice to their residents and some mental health services have links with benefits advice services.


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Last reviewed 6 March 2017